Pool Course

Sprint Triathlon – 700 m

Super Sprint Triathlon – 400 m

A pool triathlon swim is very different from an open water triathlon swim. Athletes are seeded by estimated swim time and start individually, 15 seconds apart. The pool is 50 m long and split into 8 lanes. One lane is used as a warm up lane. The other 7 are for the race. Athletes enter the water and start individually, swimming up one side of the lane and then back down the other side before crossing under the lane rope and repeating the pattern in the next lane.  Once you’ve made your way up and down each lane, you’ll exit the water from the far shallow end corner and head to T1. Super Sprint athletes start first.

Swim Course Map

Bike Course

Sprint Triathlon – 3 Laps – 22 km

Super Sprint Triathlon -16 yrs. – 2 Laps (14.6 km)

Super Sprint Triathlon – 12 – 15 yrs. – 1 Lap (7.3 km)

Please be cautious when racing as this is not a fully closed course. The course loops in four right-hand turns around the H2O vicinity. Each loop is a little over 7 km. The bike course starts outside the H2O Centre on Gordon Drive. One lane will be closed to traffic all the way to Casorso Road. The course then turns right onto Casorso then right again onto Swamp Road. You will pass fields and Michaelbrook Golf Course before heading up the only climb on the course, flowing back down onto DeHart Road. You will then make a final right turn back onto Gordon with a straight, fast section back towards the H2O.

Bike Course Map

Run Courses

Sprint Triathlon – 5 km

Super Sprint Triathlon -14 – 16 yrs. – 3 km

Super Sprint Triathlon – 12 – 13 yrs. – 2 km

The run course is fast and fun. From transition, you head EAST across to the CNC and behind the CNC before a quick before a quick left drops you at a bike trail taking you alongside the marshes and playing fields towards Lexington Road. Sprint athletes will turn right at Lexington while Super Sprint athletes will turn left to complete a sorter distance run.

Sprint athletes will then run through Michaelbrook Golf Course and up Kamloops Road before taking a left onto Swamp Rd. that leads you to the one and only Aid Station. From there you’ll cross over the bridge and take a left onto Mission Creek Greenway, a well groomed and wide trail scenic trail running next to the river. A left turn onto Gordon and back onto the Greenway for a short stint before crossing Lexington and back to the finish line in front of the H2O Aquatic Centre.

Super Sprint athletes will either take a direct route down Lexington Dr. or take a slight detour for a small loop on the Mission Creek Greenway before turning left back onto the Gordon Drive bike path which delivers you to the finish line.


Run Course Maps

Sprint 5 km

Super Sprint 2 km

Super Sprint 3 km

Transition Map

Bike In and Out from West Side  –  Run in and Out from East Side.

The transition is a short run from the H2O exit. Bikers will leave and arrive back at the West side of transition. The mount line is at the at the mouth of the exit to Gordon, a coned slip lane will provide a safe entry to the road. The dismount line is next to the mount line. There will be a mandatory slow section when you enter the coned area to come back into transition.

Transition Map

Road Detours

In order to keep the cyclists as safe as possible, we have a number of road detours in effect during the morning of the Cherry Blossom Triathlon.  We will begin setting up the road at approximately 5 am and take down by noon on Race Day.  Please watch for cyclists, volunteers and set-up crew on the road during these hours and follow detour signs.

Course detours

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