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Name:  Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, May 5st, 2024

Location:  H2O Aquatic Centre, Gordon Drive, Kelowna

Transition Opens:  6:30 am

Transition Closes:  7:15 am

Pre Race Meeting: Online

Race Start:  7:30am

Registration Page:  See our REGISTRATION PAGE

Race Course: See our COURSE MAPS for routes and descriptions

Race distances

Sprint Triathlon – Swim 700m / Bike 22 km / Run 5 km

Super Sprint Triathlon (12 – 13 yrs) – Swim 400m / Bike 7.3 km/ Run 2 km

Super Sprint Triathlon (14 – 15 yrs) – Swim 400m/ Bike 7.3 km/ Run 3 km

Super Sprint Triathlon ( 16 yrs ) – Swim 400m/ Bike 14.6km/ Run 3 km 


Registration – Information on registration can be found HERE.  Race organizers are committed to focusing on your race experience in this annual event and will limit race entries.  So sign up early and don’t miss out!

Package pick-up – Race package pick-up is available at FRESH AIR KELOWNA (located at 1656 Dilworth Dr. Kelowna BC) on Saturday, May 4th from 3:00pm until 6:00pm.  You can get your packet on race morning at the H20 Aquatic Centre, but we highly recommend reducing the stress of race morning (for both us and you!) by getting this the day before. You must pick up your own race package.

Mandatory race meeting/briefing – A mandatory race briefing will be provided online.  Please review the TRIBC RULES in advance.



Bike check– There is NO mandatory bike check associated with this event, but bike mechanics will be on hand throughout the day to assist you with any issues which may arise.

Transition Open – Transition opens at 6:30 AM race morning, you’ll need your race wristband (which you get when you pick up your race package) to get in/out.  Friends/family are not allowed in transition.  You’ll rack your bike by number.

Transition Closes – Transition closes at 7:15 AM (No athletes will be allowed in transition after this time)

Timing Chips – These will be picked up on Race Morning. 

Body Marking – Done race morning outside of transition.


,400m/700m – 8/14 x 50m lengths of the pool

  • The swim will be safe. A pool swim, plenty of Lifeguards and Volunteers and no mass start. Possibly the safest Triathlon swim there is.
  • Swim is a ‘Serpentine’ style course (Course Maps) meaning you snake up and down the lanes.
  • Athletes are seeded by estimated time, entered when you register for the race.
  • Your race number is also your start order number, based on your estimated swim time.
  • There will be an optional warm up lane for use prior to race start. Please keep this to a maximum 300m warm up 5 minutes before you start as we can’t fit everyone in the same lane at the same time. Sprint Athletes will have more warm up time and space during the Super Sprint Race Start.
  • Super Sprint Race will start first, followed by a short “re-set” break, before sending off the Sprint Distance Athletes. 
  • You will line up in numbered order. An official will tell you to cross a timing mat and begin your swim.
  • Swimmers leave one at a time, at fixed time intervals, in race number order.
  • Your race # is your start order number, based on your estimated swim time.
  • Swim up one side of the lane and back down the other side before you duck under the lane rope and repeat.
  • Passing can be done ONLY when heading “up” the pool (towards the diving boards/deep end) or at a wall.
  • Please let another competitor know you need to pass with a couple of firm taps to the feet. If you are heading up the pool, towards the diving boards, you can overtake or wait until the end when they will let you pass. 
  • If someone firmly taps your feet, please let them pass. They will either pass alongside you, if heading up the pool, or you will wait at the wall for them to pass.
  • If there is a line of people with no break, you must wait until they all pass. Remember, they started fixed time intervals apart, 15 seconds apart and 4 people are now together then you are possibly a minute slower than the last swimmer (4 x 15 seconds gap = 1 minute)
  • PLEASE BE VERY AWARE OF THE DRAFT EFFECT. Drafting can save you 30% effort, more if there are a few of you in a line. Please take this into account if you think you can overtake someone. Rather than overtake and do all the work, assess your effort and maybe stay where you are and conserve energy. The wise swimmer gets out of the pool 15 seconds slower having conserved 30% of his energy, because that 15 seconds is easily made up on the bike / run.
  • Blocking and / or incorrect passing will incur a penalty. We have swim marshals on deck checking for this and participants who run afoul of these rules will be assessed a 2:00 time penalty, added to the overall race time.
  • Feel someone is not playing fair? Simply wave at a Swim Marshall at one of the turns and they will keep an eye on things.
  • There will also be lots of Lifeguards on deck.

Sprint Triathlon | 22km – 3 loops

Super Sprint Triathlon (16 yrs) | 14.6 km

Super Sprint Triathlon (12 – 15 yrs) | 7.3 km

The Bike Course Map can be found HERE. This Looped course is not closed to traffic, each loop is a little over 7km. There will be traffic on some sections. Other sections, although the lane is closed to traffic, you may see the odd vehicle exiting a business or driveway. Please pay attention and keep to your right! It’s a simple course (all your turns are to the right), with a good hill on each lap to keep things interesting. We’ll have a roving bike mechanic on course to assist with any mechanical issues which may arise and please, please, please … pay attention to all flaggers/RCMP on course and obey all TRIBC rules for everyone’s safety!  Bike infractions (drafting/blocking/centre line…) will be enforced with appropriate penalties assessed. 

  • Most of Gordon Drive, including the transition entrance and exit, has been reduced to one lane of traffic, giving riders a full right hand lane to race in.
  • The exit from transition will have a coned path, filtering into the dedicated race course bike lane.
  • The right hand turn from Gordon Drive to Casorso will have barriers to ensure a nice smooth corner. You will have the entire lane at the corner.
  • From Casorso Road you may be sharing the road but only with vehicles exiting driveways. Traffic to Casorso has been stopped.
  • There are two traffic island / roundabouts on Casorso / Swamp. There will be volunteers and signs warning you to take it easy at those two technical areas.  The roundabout is closed to traffic, but the occasional rogue vehicle may be present so be aware.
  • After the bridge over the Mission Greenway you may encounter runners coming towards you. Cones will move you into the main lane. Runners will be in the bike lane.
  • After you have climbed the hill on Swamp and drifted down DeHart there are some hidden driveways. We will be informing residents, placing posters on their driveway on race day and also be posting volunteers in that area. Residents will also be used to taking extreme caution when exiting their driveway in that location. Regardless of that, please maintain plenty of awareness – radar on people!
  • There is the final right hand turn at the DeHart / Gordon traffic lights. The right hand turn lane will be coned off to traffic, allowing riders a wide, smooth turn back onto Gordon.
  • The return route along Gordon has residential roads joining it from the right. Please be very aware that you are not on a closed road and you must follow standard public road protocols whilst riding. There will be volunteers at each of those roads. At main intersections,  such as Lexington, there will be RCMP, Flaggers and Volunteers giving you a safe passage.

Sprint Triathlon | 5 km

Super Sprint Triathlon (12 – 13 yrs) | 2 km

Super Sprint Triathlon (14 – 16 yrs) | 3 km  

The Run Course Map can be found HERE.

It’s a great run and an almost flat mix of trail, road and path. Rivers, Golf Course, Marshes. we love this run, and it’s easily broken up into little sections to keep it interesting!

  • You will start out by running East from transition, across the street near the bus stops and behind the CNC.  Turn right to run along the back of the CNC to cross over the ring road to the paved bike path. Follow this to Lexington, where Super Sprint Athletes will turn left and take a more direct route to the finish, while Sprint Athletes will turn right,  towards Michaelbrook Golf Course for a slightly longer route.  
  • Sprint Athletes will then run down Kamloops road to Swamp, take a left and go towards Mission Creek Greenway.  Once you cross the Casorso Rd. bridge over Mission Creek, you will immediately turn left and drop down on the other side of the Greenway.
  • You’ll run down Mission Creek Greenway until you reach Gordon Drive where you’ll turn left up on the bridge.  
  • When you cross the Gordon Dr. bridge over Mission Creek  you WILL immediately turn left back onto the Greenway trail and run approximately 300m back on the South side to a small dirt path.
  • You will run down the path to Lexington where you will cross the road at a temporary cross walk before running back towards Gordon, then a quick left (South) to return to the finish chute at the H20.

Bike & Gear Removal – Transition re-opens when the last participant has begun the run.  Don’t forget your wristband.  We’ll keep transition open for 30 minutes after the last participant has finished the race before we start to pack things up.

Awards/Prizes – Age group (5 year increments) and overall prizes will be presented in each category.  Relay teams will get plenty of prizes too, including BEAT THE CHAMP! Beat our overall men’s & women’s winners as a team & next year’s entry is on us!!!  Not a speedster?  Don’t worry; we’re reserving some of our best prizes for draws and a good old game of heads or tails!

Results – Will be available at Race Day Timing after the event.

Photos – Check out our Facebook Page for lots of cool photos after the event.

Feedback – We want to hear about your race experience so that we can make future editions of this event even better.  E-mail us using the Contact Page and let us know what we did well and how we can improve.

Questions that are Frequently Asked

Help - it's my first Triathlon!
You’ll love it, we promise.

This is the perfect triathlon for beginners. A pool swim means you don’t go off course, are surrounded by lifeguards and can stop and rest if required. The bike course is fairly steady with just one hill, it is looped so you get to wave to your friends and family and few times, and the run is a really nice trail run with an aid station half way round.

For more information simply contact us via the Contact Page to ask us any questions you might have.  No question is too stupid …. and even if it is, we’ve all asked them before, so don’t be shy.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

Due to the pool temperature of 28 degrees, this is a non wetsuit swim.  Please bear this in mind when selecting your swim attire. Trisuits are ideal. Loose fitting clothing or clothing with pockets will cause drag. Change tents will be provided in transition for those looking to add some clothing for the bike / run legs.

TOP TIP:  This is an early season race. The pool area will be nice and warm, but you will exit the pool area wet into cooler temperatures. Hardened triathletes will probably be working hard enough to not require extra clothing, but, if you do require it, this extra clothing is hard to get on when you are wet. A full zip bike jersey or jacket is a lot easier than trying to pull something over your head when you are wet. Failing that, bring a small towel and dry off a little before pulling on your new layer.

Are there any Aid Stations?


There will be an aid station in transition and also another one half way round the run.

HydraDurance Lemon Lime will be served in F2C cups on the run course. It is a lightly flavoured hydration beverage with a scientifically developed electrolyte blend. With no artificial colours or preservatives this ultra-low osmolarity drink is quickly and easily absorbed. Each 6 oz cup of HydraDurance is 30 calories.


If you require bike nutrition then ensure you have that with you prior to starting the bike.

Once you are recovered, check out our treats provided by sponsors: 

Will there be nutrition on the course? If so what?


Before the race:  Fill up your bike bottles with your preferred substance – water or sport drinks are recommended. Check out F2C on site for information on what is best for you!

During the race:  We will have two aid stations – one in transition at the run exit and one on the run course.

F2N Nutrition: HydraDurance Lemon Lime will be served in F2C cups on the run course at all the events at the Kelowna Cherry Blossom Tri. It is a lightly flavoured hydration beverage with a scientifically developed electrolyte blend. With no artificial colours or preservatives this ultra-low osmolarity drink is quickly and easily absorbed. Each 6 oz cup of HydraDurance is 30 calories.



Jugo Juice smoothies will be your “cherry on the top” post race treats.

Awards Ceremony:  Onsite shortly after last athlete crosses the finish line.

    What will the temperatures be?
    Let’s face it, tanning is probably out of the question and we doubt anyone will be overheating on the run.

    The Average Daily Minimum is 6.4C. Bear in mind that is probably overnight.  The Average Daily High is 10.6C. It is historically dry on this date although we had rain the first year.

    With that in mind I am going to run with the fact that the temperatures will be exactly 8.5C !

    You will exit the swim warm and will cool down on the bike.

    Example 1.

    It’s 9ºC and the weather is dry.  Most people will not feel cold wearing a tri suit, even my wife who is the first to say “I am freezing!” This race is a Sprint distance, you’ll be working hard and should be warm after a very short while on the bike as you dry off and heat up. If you are taking things a little easier then I would say throw a thin jacket on in transition and you’ll be good to go.

    Example 2.

    Exactly the same as the above, it’s 9ºC but it’s raining. A totally different scenario. You will be cold riding wet at 9ºC. A thin jacket and a pair of gloves would be ideal. If you consider yourself a ‘slower’ rider then a thin waterproof jacket will keep you cozy.

    What about Relay Teams?
    Don’t want to do all of the three events? No problems.

    Just grab some friends, family members or colleagues and make up a 2 or 3 person team.

    Relay Teams will start with the rest of the competitors, seeded by swim time as entered during race registration.

    There will be a marked zone in the transition area (near the “swim in” and “run out” corners of transition) – wait there for your team member, exchange the chip and be on your way! Note: always exchange chip without your bike – so swimmers exchange to cyclist prior to un-racking their bikes.  Cyclists then re-rack their bikes prior to exchanging with the runners.

    All team members will receive swag.

    Is there a cut off time?

    At some point we have to remove all cones and open the roads – we aim to start the take-down at 11:30 am. So you need to make sure you can be on your 3rd loop prior to 11:30 am – depending on your swim / cycling strength this may or may not be an issue. If you have a concern and want to discuss your options, please contact us on the contact page.


    Sounds awesome, so go and register!

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